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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reflection#1: Unit Q - Verifying Trig Identities

1. What does it mean to verify a trig identity?
Verifying a trig identity means to prove that one side of the equation is equal to the other side, by using identities, of course. Also, you must remember that you must never touch the right side but just rearrange the left to make it equal to that side. The right side must always remain the same; untouched.

2. What tips and tricks have you found helpful?
A HUGE tip for you would be to memorize the identities! Memorizing the identities would make it so much easier to solve the problems because you won't have to constantly look back on your packet and waste your time searching for the correct identity. Working on practice problems will not only help you memorize the identities but it would also help you on your problem-solving, since there is usually more than one way to solve these kinds of problems. When working on a problem, see if you can change all the trig functions to sine or cosine. If there were fractions in the problem, you can look for the LCD or just multiply by the conjugate, whichever would make it simpler.

3. Explain your thought process and steps you take in verifying a trig identity?
My thought process, first, would be to see if there are any identities I could use that would cancel out with. A light bulb usually turns on when I see a squared trig function because it could be indicating that it's one of the pythagorean identities. If there are fractions, I will see if there's anything that could cancel if I use a certain identity. If not, then I try separating it. Like I said before, I would also try to  look for a LCD or multiply by a conjugate.

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